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Identify Repositories

You are building an application using a Microservices Architecture. You are working through the process of Domain Driven Design and you have discovered some terms in your vocabulary that don’t seem to refer to either Entities or Aggregates.

How do you handle concepts in your domain vocabulary that seem to refer to Sets of Entities?

You want to enable searching of a Set of Entities (or Aggregates). The problem is that searching for a specific set of Entities (or Aggregates) is not the same as querying a specific Entity or Aggregate. A query that will bring back more than one Entity reference does not belong on the same REST interface as the query for the attributes of a specific Entity. The two concepts are not the same.


Introduce the concept of a Repository. Separate the Repository API from the Entity or Aggregate API

Here’s the issue: Aggregates and non-aggregate Entities must be discovered through a search based on attributes. When you provide a search mechanism, you want to hide the details of the technical database infrastructure that implements search. The Repository is the thing that “maintains the illusion” that all objects are in-memory and instantly searchable while it hides the messiness of the database implementation behind it.

So a Repository becomes its own unique API (and possibly its own microservice, but not necessarily) that should be separated from the individual Entity or Aggregate API.